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【 DDドレス】DM000026 DD (SS/S/M胸)

拡大 ( Size : 173 kb )
商品コード : DM000026
製造元 : DollHeart
原産地 : HongKong
価格 : 11,475円 (税込)
DDS (SS/S/M胸のみ対応)、DD (S/M胸のみ対応)
Cape x1pc
Tops x1pc
Knee Skirt x1pc
Socks x1pr
Petticoat x1pc
Pin x1pc
Onepiece x1pc

*Please be aware that dark coloured fabrics may stain the surface of the doll.
You are advised to avoid leaving any dark clothing on dolls for a prolonged period time.